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The Wedding teller by Amit puri

A wedding is an auspicious and sacred occasion for the whole family. It is the day when two beautiful souls come together for life. The memories created during the wedding celebrations are cherished for a long time. The essence of a wedding with the love, the laughter, and the togetherness must be captured with passion and creativity.

The wedding teller by Amit Puri is a team of creative and passionate wedding photographers and cinematographers. As the name suggests, the team at The Wed...

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The Wedding teller by Amit puri

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Weddings are not just a function in India, but they are more like a festival celebrated with enthusiasm and high spirit. People from across the globe come to this country to celebrate the wedding day, the most important day in one's life. 

A wedding is a sacred occasion when two souls come together in a union to share their happiness and despair for a lifetime. The duo vows to live together in times of sickness and health until the last breath. So, every to-be-wed couple wants to document this day for their lifetime. Be it a Haldi ceremony or the exchange of floral garlands, a couple wants to get clicked at every stage of their wedding. 

What makes a destination wedding a masterpiece is when it is celebrated in an enchanting and colorful environment. And Delhi is the most suited and preferred location of most of the couples from across the world for the destination wedding.

Its popular multi-faceted tradition, cuisine, and diverse culture make it appealing to the young couples anticipating to get married. 

It is very important to choose a photographer who can click some stunning pictures of you and your loved ones on the day of your wedding ceremony.

A destination wedding photographer in Delhi is very easy and at the same time difficult to find. Delhi is the hub of weddings and most of the best wedding photographers are pre-booked or are scheduled to cover the wedding. So, it is necessary that you look for the top professional photographer at the right time who can creatively click pictures at your wedding celebration. 

Services Provided By The Wedding Teller - 

Pre wedding Photography -

The Wedding Teller provides an exclusive pre-planned photo shoot of the couple that involves different styles at various locations. During this photo shoot, we click pictures of the couple in different outfits at their desired places. 

Destination Photography -

Destination Wedding photography is the talk of the town and we at The Wedding Teller provide destination wedding photography in Delhi and across the country. 

Candid Photography - 

Every style and every photo demands to be taken candidly. The Wedding Teller has passion-driven candid photographers who have years of expertise and specialization in Candid photography.

Wedding Cinematography - 

The cinematic style is becoming popular with the creative photographer who films this important day of the couple. Our team of artistic photographers films the amazing and emotional moments at the weddings that tell the story of the couple in a much romantic and dedicated way. 

Why to choose The Wedding Teller -

Our team at The Wedding Teller believes in memories and that is the main reason that drives us to shoot the couples on the wedding day. Weddings are divine occurrences where the two people come together to share emotions and love for their lifetime. For us, every wedding has a unique story and we endeavor at capturing that story of the event, which is full of happiness, joy, excitement and more importantly emotions. Selecting a destination wedding photographer is the most important decision to make on this great day of yours. The Wedding Teller provides various services with different styles of photography, which you can opt for.