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Indian Wedding -

Indian weddings are full of enthusiasm and dynamism. The energy you feel at an Indian wedding is incomparable to any kind of another wedding. Indian weddings are not only fun but it is equally about traditions and rituals as well. Indian weddings are very famous for all the sacred rituals and traditions. If you attend an Indian wedding, you won’t ever feel alone or bored. You will always be welcomed very warmly by the family hosting the wedding. The celebrations usually go on for days but the main days are usually the last three days. They are without any doubt the most exciting days. If you haven’t attended an Indian wedding, you are really missing out. Indian weddings are a power pack of beauty, love, life, laughter, togetherness, and energy.

You can experience all kinds of emotions at an Indian wedding. You will see all the family members and friends meeting each other after such a long time. Being happy and just being in the moment. These emotions are so unique that you can only fully feel them at an Indian wedding.

What is Candid Wedding Photography?

Candid Photography is the most sought after and trending style of photography in the wedding industry. There are many reasons why this style is really admired and adored. This style is the most experimented with if we see from a photographer’s point of view. It is the most unique and artistic style among other types of wedding photography. There is a reason why candid wedding photography is the most artistic style of photography. Photography is an art form and the result of every photo and video captured solely depends on the photographer. This happens because every photographer has a different perspective. And the way a photographer will take a shot will purely depend on his/her thoughts. Two wedding photographers can’t capture the same types of shot because their way of looking at things will be purely different. And candid wedding photography is a style that is very artistic and needs constant experimenting. People are captured in their natural form and true character in this type of photography. Candid wedding photography is also called a photojournalistic style of photography. Only the feature of storytelling gets added. All in all, this type of wedding photography is a very artistic and interesting style of wedding photography which does magic if used properly.

You can get captured with your partner in Delhi, a city that has every type of location. Be it monuments, markets, aesthetic cafes, luxurious resorts, etc. Finding the best candid wedding photographer in Delhi is not an easy task. There are so many candid wedding photographers in Delhi that choosing one for your special day can be really daunting. So you need to choose the best candid wedding photographer in Delhi very wisely. The best candid wedding photographer in Delhi will really create some alluring and pleasing memories for you and your family. The best candid wedding photographer in Delhi will make sure that you get captured in a very unique and artistic way. He will capture your photos and videos where you will be enjoying every moment. And this will make sure that the memories created are very different and personalized. Your wedding album is something that you cherish for life. So only the best candid wedding photographer can do that for you.

The wedding industry in the whole world is booming in this current scenario. The trends in this industry change really fast. For example, the cool and sassy bride dancing, the lehenga shots or the choreographed crazy dance performances, all these are some of the recent types of shots trending. Pre Wedding shoots are also one of the most trending types of wedding photography. Even honeymoon photoshoot is a thing now and couples adore it.

How to find the best Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi?

A candid wedding photographer in Delhi must not be easy to find. If you want your wedding to be captured in a professional way, you must research extensively. You must hire someone who is beyond just a candid wedding photographer. He must be someone who thinks of his profession as an art. He must really understand and feel the emotions he is capturing. This will actually define his experience and his way of working. He must be someone who during the wedding becomes your friend because your compatibility must be this strong. He must be someone who really wants to capture your wedding in the most special way.

Hiring a candid wedding photographer in Delhi when so many options are available can be really hard. One of the most important things is to check the previous work of the photographer you are about to hire. Checking his previous work will tell you what kind of weddings he has covered and what kind of style he works in. Also, make sure that you fix up a meeting with him before hiring him.You can check out our Events.

Apart from candid wedding photography, we should also know what is candid photography exactly?

What is candid photography?

One of the latest trends that have hit the Delhi photography industry by storm is Candid photography. With the increase in the number of Candid Photographers in Delhi, you will find it hard to choose the one who can do your candid photoshoot. Candid photography is the act of clicking photos without disturbing the subject. This means that in candid photography, the subject doesn’t pose for pictures rather enjoys the moment while the candid photographer clicks the photo. He captures the subject in a way that does not meddle with the natural appearance of the subject giving the photographer a chance to capture the real emotions of the person.

In order to do your photoshoot, you will find a lot of Candid photographers in Delhi. But it is up to you to hire the best as every candid photographer has a different style and unique approach in clicking pictures. Whether it’s a house party, a wedding, or some other event, candid photographers can help you in creating memories that can be cherished for years to come. Candid photography is all about telling the story of the event. Whether it is a pre wedding photography of to-be-wed couples or weddings, candid photographers in Delhi can bring out the best in your photographs.

Who is a candid photographer?

Candid photographers are more inclined to click candid and random pictures, which makes their work intriguing and unique. The demand for a candid photographer has raised vigorously across the country but it has seen an unparalleled improvement in metro cities because of the westernization. Delhi is one of those cities where the demand for a candid photographer has intensified.

Famous for its nightlife and lifestyle, Delhi is the ideal choice for all the event organizations managing different ceremonies. Besides, people from all over the country find this place high-spirited and the best fit for family functions like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and so on. Eventually, the candid photographer becomes the first choice of the people coming to this vibrant city of fluctuating environment.

Unlike a traditional photographer who will make you assemble, pose still, and smile unless he gets the click, the candid photographer will not intervene in your activity, he will click in whatever situation you are. Whether you are alone or among your friends, talking, walking, laughing, or just playing, he will make sure he captures the real essence of your appearance. The candid photographer is a professional who is specially trained in artistic styles and trained with robust skills to cover the event candidly. The most important quality that makes the candid photographer different from the rest of the photographers in his style, approach and the idea to cover the subject and the objects around it. He will use your background to make the subject more appealing and creative looking.

Why you should choose a candid photographer?

Candid photographers have given a tough competition to all the traditional photographers who are more prone to click posed pictures. As pose is not what a candid photographer seeks, it has become a sigh of relief for people who are camera conscious. At times, your guests or the couple at the wedding or at guests at your event are shy and camera conscious and don't want to pose for the pictures, this is where the candid photographer comes in, who makes sure to capture everyone randomly with his exceptional candid skills and approach. He will make sure that the subject remains in his natural approach and gets clicked. He always tries to capture the emotional factor in pictures, which makes his pictures revealing. People mostly choose the candid photographer to cover their events, here are some of the solid reasons that will tell you why you need to hire the candid photographer for any of your events.

1. Unique Style -

His unique style in capturing the subject is far more different than a traditional photographer. Candid Photographers always have an idea to capture any object. For a candid photographer, every small insight is worth knowing as it helps the photographer to think out of the box. His style of clicking the pictures in offbeat as he clicks candidly, which helps him to develop a story in the picture. The picture clicked by the candid photographer is so revealing that it has become a prominent trend with the advent of social media sites like Instagram, where people just need like and comments to foster their profile and gain popularity, and it is the candid pictures that capture the eye and makes it go viral. So, if you want a heart on your picture, then hire the candid photographer for your photoshoot.

2. Unstoppable -

Candid Photographers click as many pictures as possible in different styles with different approaches. He is unstoppable at the event. A candid photographer makes sure he clicks every small thing at the event. Be it a wedding or a corporate event he aims at capturing all the pictures randomly, without alerting the subject. Clicking a plethora of pictures isn't what the candid photographer strives for, he endeavours to capture all the significant moments at the event.

3. Services -

A candid wedding photographer can cater you with all the services that you require, whether you are looking for having a candid pre wedding photo shoot at some exotic place, candid wedding photography, luxury, premium or destination wedding photography, portraiture or any service, he can capture you at any photo shoot that you want him to.

4. Expertise -

Since the candid photographer is a well trained and educated camera person who has established himself as a professional photographer with his expertise and experience. His expertise will make sure that he executes ideas to cover the event flawlessly and deliver your requirements in time professionally. The candid photographer's expertise will also tell you about his work and the experience in covering the events across the genres.

5. Professionalism -

The candid photographer is a certified photographer who works professionally and keeps the professionalism as his first priority to cover the event, as it helps him to deliver the demands impactfully on time. Hiring the candid photographer will erase your doubts about his behaviour, as he believes that professional behaviour is the most important that builds and strengthens the relationship between a photographer and the client. Professionalism is what sells the work and hikes the demand of the photographer, and this is where the candid photographers stand out.

Why you should choose The Wedding Teller?

The team at The Wedding Teller by Amit Puri Photography is the most professional and creative team that captures each wedding with passion and enthusiasm. We are in this industry for a long time and our previous work defines our level and experience. Hire the best candid wedding photographer by hiring us. Weddings are all about the love shared between different families and to capture those special moments our team of artistic wedding photographers and videographers work tirelessly. We at The Wedding Teller weave magical stories for our clients. Our previous clients have been very satisfied with us because we have always kept their needs and expectations above anything. So hire us for your wedding if you want us to capture some best candid photos for you.

The Wedding Teller offers the best candid photography services in Delhi and across the country. With highly skilled photographers who have years of experience in clicking stunning pictures, the wedding teller has covered hundreds of events all around the country. Be it a wedding or a pre wedding photoshoot, the demand for candid photographers has increased robustly. We at The Wedding Teller believe that every photoshoot has a unique story to tell and we focus on capturing that story at every event. We provide candid wedding photography services in pre wedding photoshoots, weddings, corporate parties, destination weddings and so on.

Delhi is the place that attracts people from all around the world, and we at The Wedding Teller provide exclusive candid photography services in Delhi. People from different walks of life come to this multifaceted place, known for cultural history and mesmerizing architecture, to celebrate the family functions and get captured to keep their memory robust and lively. So, if you are here for any such event and need a candid photographer in Delhi, The Wedding Teller can give you the best photographers in the industry who are highly experienced and specialized in candid photography. Our team of professional photographers aims at creating the best photo album that people can cherish for their lifetime.

Whether you are looking for a photographer for your pre wedding photo shoot, wedding photographer for your ideal day or a professional photographer for your event, we at The Wedding Teller provide all the services to our valued clients and deliver all the requirements flawlessly in time. We endeavour at capturing the heart and the main story of the event, helping us to save the best moments of your great day in captured pictures. Contact us for any service that you require for your ultimate event. Our team will make sure you get the best and the world-class experience on your event day.