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Destination wedding photographer in India | The Wedding Teller

Are you looking for a destination wedding photographer in India? If yes, then there’s something you should be aware of before hiring a photographer for your destination photoshoot.

With changing trends and increased connectivity between countries, couples are opting for a destination wedding in order to make their day memorable. Now, in India, you’ll find so many photographers that you find it daunting to choose the one who suits you the most. But finding a photographer who specializes in destination photographer isn’t that hard. Let us explain to you how. While looking for a destination wedding photographer in India, there are some things you have to decide first.

We can all agree that weddings are one of the most joyous events and not just for the couple but also for friends, family and for the ones invited. Now, weddings are fine but do you know what sounds more fun? A destination wedding. Whether it’s in the middle of the Bahamas or island of Phuket, a destination wedding can increase the excitement level by 5000. Now, if you are living in India and thinking of getting married soon, you have to find a way to make your day even memorable. Destination Wedding is all about forgetting all your stress or problems behind and have the best time of your life with your loved ones. The destination weddings can be planned and scheduled aloof from home and celebrate this day with your family members and intimate relatives. It also gives you an opportunity to have family time and enjoy blissfully with your family, and celebrate the love of the couple coming together in a union of marriage.

Destination weddings are also like family vacations that help you to have a stress free schedule, it also eases the burden on the family members are most of the destination weddings are planned and organized by wedding planners. Having a wedding planner helps you to take relief and allows you to stress less and focus more on enjoying the wedding. Most of the parents who want to get involved in the wedding and take less responsibility for the wedding prefer to have a destination wedding and hire the wedding planners to make it go easy on them and make the wedding a grand success. A destination wedding also helps you to have a new and refreshing experience and take a break from your busy and hectic family or office schedule. So, having an exuberant destination wedding is nothing less than fun!

If you are having your destination wedding overseas, first you have to decide whether you want to hire a photographer from your own country or some local photographer from the destination. If you ask us, hiring someone from your nearby location is the best thing you can do. The reason being you have the accessibility to the photographer. If you need to communicate with the photographer about something, you can meet him/her in person whenever you want to.

The first step towards achieving that goal is finding a good Wedding Photographer. Now, you must be thinking about whether you should hire a Photographer in Delhi or hire a local photographer from the destination. Well, let us explain to you why you should hire a Destination Wedding Photographer in Delhi. The city might be big with too many photographers available, making it hard for you to decide but there are ways in which you find the perfect destination wedding photographer who can capture your wedding eloquently and perfectly.

What are the best locations for a destination wedding in India?

As the wedding is the most significant day in one's life, every person anticipating to get married wants to tie the knot at a beautiful place or the dream place. Every couple has a dream place where they want to get married. If you are planning a destination wedding photography in India, here are some wonderous and awesome locations where you might love to celebrate your great day with your loved ones. Goa, Mussoorie, Udaipur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Shimla are some of the best locations for a destination wedding in photography in India.

How to find a perfect destination wedding photographer in India?

There are several ways to find the perfect photographer for your destination wedding in India. Here are some of the tips and ideas that will ease your work in choosing the best match.

1. Specialization -

It is very pivotal to go through the work or the portfolio of as many photographers as possible to select the best one. Do some research about the photographers and shortlist who you feel can deliver your demands and requirements. Call and interact with them, see what else can they offer. This will helps you in making the right choice.

2. Unique Factor -

It’s proven that no two camera persons are the same. Every photographer has a different style in clicking pictures. If you think they are similar then you need to increase your range for the search. Every photographer has a unique skill set. Research about the different styles of photographers and select the one whose style satisfies you the most.

3. Communication -

Proper communication with the photographer will give a clear picture of what you are looking for. Tell the photographer what are your expectations from him and also take some suggestions from while discussing about the ceremony. This not only helps you find the best one but also avoids the chances of miscommunication with the photographer. If you do not tell him what has to be given more priority on your destination wedding, then you can not get the album that you would expect. Although the destination wedding photographer knows what to click and where to click, clearing and emphasizing the priorities may help you get the perfect album

4. Experience -

Launch a search for a photographer who is experienced in capturing the pictures at a destination wedding ceremony. An experienced individual will know what is next and you will not have to worry about assigning someone who can direct him or keep pushing him to do this and that, he will cover everything in a perfect timeline, giving you a perfect wedding album. While selecting the destination wedding photographer, check the number of destination weddings that he or she has covered and the locations where he has covered.

5. Style -

Every professional photographer has his own unique fashion to click a picture. Whether it is a simple photoshoot or a candid shoot, he will make sure that he approaches every photo session uniquely. His style makes every picture look appealing and adorable. There are several styles and approaches that a destination photographer uses to captures photos on a destination wedding celebration. The destination wedding photographers are creative and strive to click every picture randomly and candidly. While selecting the destination wedding photographer, you should select the one who has a flair of different styles. Check the photographs and portfolio of the shortlisted photographers and cherrypick the one who can click pictures in different yet mesmerizing styles.

Why you should choose The Wedding Teller?

The Wedding Teller is a team of accomplished professional photographers with years of expertise in the destination wedding photography in India and abroad. Our team of creative photographers believes that every small thing at a wedding is of great importance and should be captured without any second thoughts. Because every small thing can recall all the memories of the event celebrated years ago. For us, every wedding is important as every wedding has a different story to tell, and every time we encounter a new experience. So, whenever we cover a wedding ceremony, we aim at covering a story, not pictures.

Our team of destination wedding photographers have been covering destination weddings across India and abroad for years now, making The Wedding Teller pioneers in the wedding industry. The Wedding Teller constantly aims at clicking the most splendid pictures of the couple, guests attending the event, family, and all other guests. Be it a pre wedding or a wedding commemoration, we strive to make marvelous memories for the couple and make these memories robustly colorful, at the same time. Based in Delhi, The Wedding Teller's professional photographers are scattered across the country. We have a unique and specific team of photographers for every class or genre that we cover. We also provide services in pre wedding, corporate and fashion photography, Bridal photo shoot, portraiture, and so on. So, if you are searching for a destination wedding photographer or any other photography service, then you must call us up and we will consider your demands and requirements of the event and deliver them timely and effectively.

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