Neha & Gyan || A Classical Lucknow Wedding


Neha & Gyan was another pretty couple that came to us searching for the Best Wedding Photographer. And we think we didn’t let them down.


The Wedding was in Ramada, Lucknow.


With all the blooming trends in Wedding photography, people look for Pre Wedding or Candid Photographers, and Neha & Gyan were no different.

We covered their wedding, including all the rituals that an Indian Wedding Has to have!

Neha & Gyan wanted us, The Wedding Teller Team to give their family members the same attention as them. And needless to say, the photoshoot turned out to be gorgeous!


The Wedding Teller team understand our client's needs and help them tell their story, hence the name.

And we The Wedding Teller by Amit Puri give our best wishes to Neha & Gyan on their wedding day.


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Written Date

18 Oct, 2019


The Wedding Teller