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For some weddings are the most-anticipated, and for some pre weddings are the most anticipated time as the count down of the marriage gets closer. Most of the couples want to have a pre wedding photoshoot at some amazing places or at their dream places that they have always desired to travel. 

Pre wedding photoshoot helps the couple to have the best time together before tying the knot apart from exploring the best locations of their choice. However, Bangkok has been the talk of the town for a long time now, offering people couples to explore and have fun while getting clicked at some amazing places in the capital city of Thailand. 

1. Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya River is also known as the river of kings, which gives you an overview of Bangkok city. Chao Phraya River is the principal river and waterway of the country that festoon the whole city during the night. The lush plains and stunning fishes of the river make the most attractive place in Thailand. 

2. Wat Arun

Located on the riverside of Thailand, Wat Arun is the famous places known for its sacred and spiritual monuments. It is also called the Temple of Dawn famous for its impressive shadow that supersedes the skyline and this is what attracts the couple to this spiritual and the most peaceful place. It is the most stunning temples in the world. The stonework on the temple is absolutely phenomenal.

3. Wat Pho

Wat Pho is also called The Temple of The Reclining Buddha and it stands alongside the Grand Palace. Since Bangkok is known for its ornate shrines the beauty of this temple in this beautiful city will make you peaceful. 

4. Grand Palace

The Grand Palace, the erstwhile official residence of the monarchs of Thai. If want to have a royal and historic pre wedding shoot in Bangkok, then you must start with The Grand Palace. Famous for the stunning, and unique architectural style of its majestic complex, it attracts people from different walks of life to its marvelling structure and aura.

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20 Dec, 2019


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