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With changing photography trends and wedding needs, pre wedding shoots in Delhi are on the rise. Every other couple is opting for a pre wedding shoot to create memories that they can cherish for a lifetime. Now, to find a Pre wedding photographer in Delhi is not everyone's cup of tea. You have to do massive research to find that particular camera person among thousands of photographers who can do exactly what you want him to do, and fit to your requirements.

Gone are the days when the couple will see each other on the day of the wedding but now with changing trends, couples prefer to meet before the actual wedding ceremony. This is made possible by pre wedding photoshoot scheduled months or weeks before the wedding ceremony. The location and the theme of the shoot are set and already decided by the couple. This shoot involves different activities, passions, and desires of the couple. Some want to travel and some like to visit monuments. Some like to get captured in hills between the lush green trees and some prefer to visit beaches. Some are more romantic to chilled, snowy weather.

Delhi is among the most diverse cities of the country and more than 100,000 weddings take place in this city every year. This can give you the idea of how hard it can be to find a photographer for your pre wedding shoot. But don’t worry as there are ways to find out the perfect photographer match for your perfect pre-wedding shoot in Delhi. All you have to do is start with portfolio research. Look at the portfolio of the photographer as it can give you a general idea about their style and projects undertaken by the photographer. Also, you can communicate your expectations with the photographer and discuss the requirements. See if he can deliver all your demands on time.

Here are the important questions you should be aware of.

What are the important things in a pre wedding shoot?

There are several pivotal things that are of paramount importance while deciding to schedule a pre wedding shoot.

1) Pre Wedding photographer -

The pre wedding photographer brings uniqueness to your photo album. He captures all the important moments at your pre wedding shoot, which is full of joy, fun, humour, love, emotions, and romance. Moreover, pre wedding shoots are quite common among these days helping the duo 'to get to know' about each other.

2) Theme -

Themes are always based on the choice and liking of the couple. Movie crazy couples like to either have their photoshoot in 'DDLJ' style or that of Byronic Game of Thrones. Romanic couples always make sure that they add the ardent titanic or La La Land style in their pre wedding photoshoot. The main important about the theme is the dress of the couple, which intuitively indicates the theme of the pre-wedding shoot. 

3) Location -

The location of this shoot depends on the theme of the pre wedding shoot, which can be traditional, retro, vintage, bloodwood and so on. For instance, if the couple likes adventurous activities, they might go for caping, bike riding, mountaineering or paragliding, etc. If the couple is gym-freak then certainly Gym can one of the locations. Those who love music may prefer to play the piano or any musical instrument. 

And fascinatingly, if the couple happens to be book lovers, it is highly likely they might end up kissing behind the bookstalls in a library. 

The best location for a pre wedding shoot in Delhi -

1) Humayun's Tomb -

Designed by Persian architects Mirak Mirza Ghiyas and Sayyid Muhammad, Humayun's tomb is the tomb of a Mugal Emporer. This fascinating mausoleum is the first example of Mughal architecture in India. Located in the eastern part of Delhi, the tomb stands on a massive floor that has a height of up to seven meters.

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

2) National Rail Museum -

No one can forget the history of iconic locomotives in India. The National Rail Museum focuses on the rail heritage in India. Located in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, the museum was thrown open on February 1, 1977.

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

3) Hauz Khas Fort and Lake -

An amalgamation of rich past and glittery present, and one of the most elegant and picturesque structures in the architectural chronicle of Delhi. Located in Hauz Khas, near to Green Park in South Delhi, the Hauz Khas Fort Complex nestles between beautiful landscapes and peaceful ambience. The Hauz Khas Fort is one of the oldest structures in Delhi built in the 13th century. 

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

4) Agrasen Ki Baoli -

Agrasen Ki Baoli is the 10th-century top historical stepwell, 60 m long and 15 m wide, located on Hailey Road near Connaught Place in the heart of New Delhi. Regarded as one of the haunted places in Delhi the historical monument consists of 102 steps composed of red stone. Visited by tourists across the world, the place garnered national and international spotlight after Amir Khan and Anushka starrer PK, in which the main character named PK who is an alien resides at the mysterious place.

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

5) Neemrana Fort -

Nestled between the greenery on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, enriched with the grandeur of antiquity and surrounded with panoramic views, Neemrana Fort is the refuge to every romantic escapade or a simple pre-wedding shoot. The monsoon makes the place most beautiful and delightful. With in-built outdoor pools, a fitness centre, and several Mahals, the amalgamation of historic antique and modernity can add colours to your pre-wedding photography. 

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

6) Lodi Gardens -

Previously named Lady Willingdon Garden, the Lodhi Garden lies amidst Khan Market and Safdarjang Tomb in New Delhi. Known for its picturesque location, architectural delight, greenery, the15th-century historic place build by Lodhis attracts couples across the country for the pre-wedding photoshoot in the aura rich and lush green gardens. The master storyteller and novelist Khsuhwant Singh sat in these gardens and wrote the stories like The Sunset Club. The nature-loving couples are driven by the garden's beautiful and greenish ambience. 

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

What do you wear on a pre-wedding shoot?

Wearing attire on a pre-wedding shoot largely depends on the choice of the couple and the theme. 

- Classic White Dress

- Matching Denim

- Stick With similar shades

- Choose Color Combination

- Favourite Sports Team's Uniform

- Sherwani


What are the services provided by a pre wedding photographer in Delhi?

Professional photographer specialized in wedding photography can provide you related services like;

- Wedding photography

- Candid and Creative photography

- Bridal portrait photography

- Drone photography

- Fashion photography

You Can check out Pre Wedding Shoot photos - Pre Wedding Shoot 


Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi

Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi


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30 Oct, 2019


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