4 Pre Wedding Photography Poses for Romantic Couples


When the wedding gets closer, you have to take care of many responsibilities for the ideal ceremony, and one such responsibility is to hire the best pre wedding photographer and have a pre wedding photoshoot at some exotic place in spectacular theme of your choice. Pre wedding shoots have become very popularly in the Indian wedding industry with couples striving to have this pre wedding ceremony at their dream place. 

There are several poses that you can try at your pre wedding shoot with your beloved but we have put together some mesmerizing poses that you must try. Here are some poses that will compel you to try them. 

Intimate shot

There are various poses that you will love to try at your pre wedding shoot but this is what you can put on the top of your list. You can have some close shots with your partner with intimate feelings. These the most romantic poses that make your wedding album look alluring and hot. 

Romance at Golden hour

The pre wedding is mostly about the intimate feelings and romantic poses, while having a pre wedding shoot, you must also have some amazing romantic shots during the sunset. Romancing while the sun sets in the backdrop makes it look perfectly spectacular. And the moment is worth waiting. 

Cowboy style

It is time to be a cowboy and a cowgirl, and get yourself clicked in the most classical style. Right outside the stable? Wow, it will be the most stunning shot and certainly, the must-try pose on your photo session. 

Leaning against each other

Whether you are a book lover or a tea aficionado, you sit tight and lean against each other, this is the most stunning shots that most of the couples prefer to portray their desires and emphasize on their interests. 

Written Date

19 Dec, 2019


The Wedding Teller