Roopali & Rohit || Pre wedding Shoot at Rishikesh


Roopali and Rohit was another sweet couple that came to us as the wanted a Vivid and Beautiful Pre Wedding Photoshoot. And we were just ready for that. The couple wanted a Pre Wedding Shoot before their Wedding as the knew these kinda shoots bring out the chemistry of the couple. And it also helps the couple get comfortable with the photographer for the following shoots, like the actual wedding. The couple had their Pre Wedding photoshoot at Rishikesh. And one of the pointers given to us by the couple was that the photos should shout out “Couple Goals”.

The couple didn't want a simple Pre Wedding Shoot. Usually, couples go for a single location is a park or a bridge, but we at the Amit Puri Photography team said why not do all of them?

And that's what we did, we had the shoot at different locations. We shoot at locations like a beach, a bridge, a pool, at interiors of a building and yes a park! And like all our other clients Roopali and Rohit were happy with our work. And if you are looking for a Pre Wedding Shoot, we at Amit Puri Photography will be more than happy to help.

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Written Date

17 Oct, 2019


The Wedding Teller